Frequently Asked Questions

Are the items in stock?

Unless otherwise specified (“in stock laptops”), all Sager models are Build-to-order. We will send the specifications you want to Sager once you have placed an order with us and paid the necessary downpayment.

How long do I wait for my unit?

Usually Sager takes about 1 week to build out the unit, then another two weeks for transit time (within the US to our logistics hub and to Manila). Overall, it is about 3-4 weeks. However, occasionally some parts are in backorder by Sager (i.e. they do not have either the component in stock or the chassis). If your item has a backorder, then our leadtime (3-4 weeks) will start once the items are out of backorder status. Please check the Sager website for the updated ETA of the components that is in backorder. If you do not see an ETA beside the component, then it is in stock with Sager.

What is your warranty?

Please see warranty page for any warranty related questions.

What is Rush processing?

Rush processing is an extra service offered by Sager to get your unit out faster. We also tweak our logistics so that you can get your unit faster (usually 1 week faster compared to our turnaround time of 3-4 weeks). If you receive your laptop 21 calendar days after your order date, then we will refund your service fee.

Take note, the 21 calendar day guarantee only apply to orders without backorder status at Sager. If any component you selected has backorder, the 21 days starts to count after the backorders have been cleared at Sager.

If your order is placed during mid November to December, Rush processing guarantee is within 30 calendar days.


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