Warranty Information

Warranty Statement

Helix Technologies Inc is a local (Philippine-based) reseller of Sager Notebooks, which is based in City of Industry, California, USA. As such, Helix shall follow the warranty policy of Sager Notebooks. Kindly visit the Sager website for more detailed information on what the warranty includes.

Unless otherwise specified, Helix Technologies provides 1 year (365 calendar days) parts and service warranty for factory defects arising from normal usage of the laptop and its accessories. For accessory/parts only purchase, warranty is 3 months (battery) to 6 months (others). Mishandling, misuse, abuse and/or otherwise improper operation of the laptop will void the warranty provided by Helix. Unless otherwise specified, Sager/Helix will provide the internationally accepted standard warranty for LCD panels – the LCD should contain 6 or more bright/stuck/dead pixels before any warranty claim can be made. Should it necessitate a return to Sager in the US, Helix shall cover all expenses related to the warranty claim. Helix shall not be liable for any direct/indirect or consequential damage to the files of the end-user, nor be responsible for the loss of use of the laptop while under repair. Warranty period starts 10 calendar days from the day the customer is informed that unit is ready for pickup or actual date of pickup, whichever comes first. Helix shall determine the proper method for warranty and reserves the final right to determine warranty coverage.

Warranty Inclusions

  • Free Parts & Service*
  • Free shipping costs related to your warranty service (to and from the US) if necessary
  • Free diagnosis
  • Free reinstallation service

* We require prior approval from Sager (RMA number) for all defective or warranty claims. Hence, please coordinate with us first before bringing in your unit.

Claiming Warranty

Please submit a ticket to our online support helpdesk

Once you obtain prior approval to us, please bring in your unit to our Office in Pasig. Our office hours are from Monday-Sat 9AM to 5PM. You are also welcome to send the laptop via courier but please pack it properly and include the AC adapter (you will get more detailed instructions through support helpdesk)

Depending on the nature of the problem, as well as availability of parts, it might take several days or even a few weeks for warranty turnaround time.

Non Helix Unit

We can service units not purchased through Helix. We can also claim the warranty with Sager US if it still has. However, we do have to charge the following fees:

Diagnostic Charge* – Php1,500
Repair Charge – Php2,500 to Php6,000 (Depending on work)
Freight charge – estimate Php7,000 (round trip)
Parts (if out of warranty) – as per Sager quotation

* Diagnostic charge will be waived If customer agree to let HELIX perform the repair after repair quote/diagnosis

All of these fees are not applicable if you purchased the unit through HELIX and is still under our warranty.

Service Center

Our company will handle after-sales service for your laptop. Take note, our technician is not in-house at the office, hence please arrange RMA by filing a ticket first. You will need to leave your unit at the office for diagnostic/repair.

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